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Covid 19 Time Capsule Sheets

Mum-of-two and graphic designer Natalie Long came up with the idea to help her own children make sense of their new normal - and it's now proved a hit around the world

Lockdown is a testing time for families.

Many parents are now juggling home working with home schooling, while others are going out to fulfil their vital roles as key workers, with the added health worries that brings.

It's not easy on kids either. Whether they're cooped up at home or still have a place in school because of a parent's job, it's natural for them to be missing their friends and feeling unsettled by the huge changes in their day-to-day lives.

To help them make sense of what's happening, one mum-of-two has created a time capsule workbook for children to complete.

Natalie Long, a graphic designer who is originally from Portsmouth but now lives in Canada with her husband, made the resource for her own kids Olivia, seven, and John, three, to document the strange time they're living through.

She then decided to offer it to other families as a free download - and it quickly proved so popular it crashed both her main download servers.

"We are all living through history and something I have said I wanted to do from the beginning is make a keepsake of this moment for us to look back on," she wrote on her Long Designs Facebook page.

"I have saved newspapers, art work done by my kids, taken photos of all our days and kept a diary. BUT I have also been working on a "time capsule" work sheet for my daughter, son and I to fill out. This will be available as a FREE resource for any of my fans."


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