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Source: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY. Last updated: 1 minute ago

Coronavirus Cases and Deaths by Country

These are our latest gathered global stats for the Coronavirus outbreak.

Todays Coronavirus Statistics

TheVirusTracker.com Today
DR Country Total New Cases Deaths New Deaths Recovered Active Serious

Yesterday's Coronavirus Statistics

TheVirusTracker.com Yesterday
DR Country Total New Cases Deaths New Deaths Recovered Active Serious
1cn China 85,269+144,63480,4648171
2us USA 6,967,403+42,533203,824+6574,223,69333,1482,539,886
3in India 5,398,230+92,75586,774+1,1494,299,72494,5231,011,732
4br Brazil 4,528,347+30,913136,565+7083,820,09530,956571,687
5ru Russia 1,097,251+6,06519,339+144906,4625,255171,450
6pe Peru 762,865+6,45331,369+86607,8377,042123,659
7co Colombia 758,398+7,92724,039+189627,6856,164106,674
8mx Mexico 688,954+4,84172,803+624492,1923,776123,959
9za South Africa 659,656+2,02915,940+83589,4342,59054,282
10es Spain 659,33430,495
11ar Argentina 622,934+9,27612,799+143478,07710,791132,058
12cl Chile 444,674+1,84712,254+55418,1012,12014,319
13fr France 442,194+13,49831,274+2691,574319,346
14ir Iran 419,043+2,84524,118+166357,6322,12737,293
15gb UK 390,358+4,42241,759+27
16bd Bangladesh 347,372+1,5674,913+32254,3862,05188,073
17sa Saudi Arabia 329,271+5514,458+28309,4301,07815,383
18iq Iraq 315,597+3,9078,491+83249,5394,23457,567
19pk Pakistan 305,031+6456,415+7292,0443616,572
20tr Turkey 301,348+1,5387,445+68266,1171,31227,786
21it Italy 296,569+1,63835,692+24217,71690943,161
22ph Philippines 283,460+3,9624,930+100209,8851,12868,645
23de Germany 272,308+1,0649,466+2243,50050019,342
24id Indonesia 240,687+4,1689,448+112174,3503,57656,889
25il Israel 183,602+4,5311,226+30132,4492,42549,927
26ua Ukraine 172,712+3,2403,516+4876,7541,26892,442
27ca Canada 142,774+8639,211+6124,1874649,376
28bo Bolivia 130,051+6327,550+3988,45774134,044
29ec Ecuador 125,620+1,49111,084+4097,06317,473
30qa Qatar 123,146+229209120,0892672,848
31ro Romania 111,550+1,3334,402+4289,11988418,029
32do Dominican Republic 107,700+9682,044+1080,82064124,836
33kz Kazakhstan 107,199+651,671101,8222123,706
34pa Panama 105,601+7222,247+1880,1901,09723,164
35eg Egypt 101,900+1285,750+1788,6667087,484
36ma Morocco 99,816+2,5521,795+4079,0082,31819,013
37be Belgium 99,649+1,6739,937+118,9085470,804
38kw Kuwait 99,049+521581+189,4987228,970
39nl Netherlands 91,934+1,8876,275+2
40om Oman 91,75381884,6486,287
41se Sweden 88,2375,865
42gt Guatemala 85,152+8083,105+2974,4977497,550
43ae UAE 84,242+809404+173,51272210,326
44pl Poland 78,330+1,0022,282+1263,86154912,187
45jp Japan 78,073+5791,495+1370,4955966,083
46by Belarus 75,461+231776+373,2121141,473
47hn Honduras 70,611+4912,146+2421,14947247,316
48et Ethiopia 68,131+6161,089+1727,93930139,103
49pt Portugal 68,025+8491,899+545,40435120,722
50ve Venezuela 65,949+775539+955,15593710,255
52cr Costa Rica 63,712+1,338706+2023,55239239,454
53np Nepal 62,797+1,204401+1145,2671,44717,129
54sg Singapore 57,558+152757,14271389
55ng Nigeria 57,145+1891,095+148,4311267,619
56uz Uzbekistan 50,992+739427+847,2717443,294
57dz Algeria 49,623+2101,665+634,92310513,035
58ch Switzerland 49,2832,04540,5006,738
59cz Czechia 48,306+2,044499+424,22837023,579
60am Armenia 47,154+244928+242,5511823,675
61md Moldova 46,336+6881,201+1534,23650210,899
62gh Ghana 45,877+117297+245,081108499
63kg Kyrgyzstan 45,335+911,06341,484692,788
64az Azerbaijan 39,042+148574+236,6011771,867
65af Afghanistan 38,919+361,43732,5764,906
66at Austria 37,474+813765+228,9615107,748
67ke Kenya 36,829+10564623,7776812,406
68ps Palestine 35,003+602253+323,44611311,304
69py Paraguay 33,015+888636+2517,53561414,844
70rs Serbia 32,840+83740+131,411689
71ie Ireland 32,538+2671,79223,3647,382
72lb Lebanon 28,297+779286+511,44070116,571
73sv El Salvador 27,428+82808+421,2474225,373
74ly Libya 27,234+796436+1814,67947212,119
75au Australia 26,885+24844+723,9621072,079
76ba Bosnia and Herzegovina 25,217+320758+617,4891246,970
77S. Korea22,893+110378+119,9701992,545
78dk Denmark 22,436+58963517,3162064,485
79cm Cameroon 20,431+6041619,124891
80ci Ivory Coast 19,269+6912018,392757
81bg Bulgaria 18,819+86755+213,558484,506
82hu Hungary 16,920+809675+64,38214211,863
83mk Macedonia 16,557+140689+613,792602,076
84mg Madagascar 16,020+49219+214,630431,171
85gr Greece 14,978+240331+49,9896,1854,658
86hr Croatia 14,725+21224412,3531842,128
87sn Senegal 14,688+43302+111,1531023,233
88zm Zambia 14,070+48330+113,365158375
89sd Sudan 13,5358366,7595,940
90no Norway 12,858+8926710,3712,220
91al Albania 12,226+153358+56,888574,980
93na Namibia 10,292+85111+37,969222,212
94gn Guinea 10,286+55639,68121542
95my Malaysia 10,167+20130+19,31551722
96gf French Guiana 9,692+33659,34143286
98tj Tajikistan 9,303+44738,066401,164
99tn Tunisia 9,110+540138+52,366246,606
100fi Finland 8,922+643397,700883
101ga Gabon 8,696537,848795
102ht Haiti 8,6002216,3632,016
103me Montenegro 7,898+187134+15,1291322,635
104lu Luxembourg 7,804+861246,703977
105zw Zimbabwe 7,672+25225+15,914311,533
106mr Mauritania 7,365+41616,92745277
107sk Slovakia 6,546+290393,5191292,988
108mz Mozambique 6,537+27341+13,6201182,876
109ug Uganda 6,017+42363+22,581373,373
110mw Malawi 5,718+21794,03041,509
111dj Djibouti 5,403615,3339
113Cabo Verde5,186+45504,58133555
114cu Cuba 5,055+51113+24,28435658
115hk Hong Kong 5,010+131034,70711200
116gq Equatorial Guinea 5,002834,509410
117cg Congo 4,986+6893,8871,010
118ni Nicaragua 4,9611472,9131,901
119mm Myanmar 4,870+40381+111,188583,601
121jm Jamaica 4,758+18760+51,327633,371
122sr Suriname 4,709+1897+14,383103229
123rw Rwanda 4,689+1826+12,910651,753
124jo Jordan 4,540+19630+12,6721611,838
125si Slovenia 4,309+114141+12,981421,187
126ao Angola 3,901+531471,44522,309
127tt Trinidad and Tobago 3,853+20261+11,6951092,097
129lt Lithuania 3,664+99872,197161,380
131gm Gambia 3,504+191081,992191,404
132th Thailand 3,500+359+13,33810103
135so Somalia 3,401+11982,812491
136ge Georgia 3,306+187191,481461,806
137lk Sri Lanka 3,283+2133,07010200
138bs Bahamas 3,214+3773+41,679531,462
140ml Mali 3,006+151282,34917529
141ee Estonia 2,875+61642,37417437
143ss South Sudan 2,642+33491,2901,303
144bw Botswana 2,567136241,930
145is Iceland 2,307+77102,1164181
146gw Guinea-Bissau 2,303391,1271,137
147bj Benin 2,280401,950290
148gy Guyana 2,168+6664+21,33117773
149sl Sierra Leone 2,159+6721,6501437
150ye Yemen 2,026+25851,221220
151uy Uruguay 1,904+14461,6129246
152bf Burkina Faso 1,816+19561,1763584
153nz New Zealand 1,811+2251,719567
154tg Togo 1,659+19411,2598359
155cy Cyprus 1,590+25221,282286
156bz Belize 1,590+2320+181270758
158lv Latvia 1,515+17361,248231
159ls Lesotho 1,39033754603
160lr Liberia 1,335+1821,216237
161French Polynesia1,271+16021,028155241
162ne Niger 1,183691,10410
163td Chad 1,149+281966102
165vn Vietnam 1,06835942191
166Sao Tome and Principe90815876317
167San Marino7234266912
168dp Diamond Princess 7121365148
169Turks and Caicos667+45567295
170Channel Islands6444857521
171Sint Maarten574+920+14881166
172pg Papua New Guinea 5166232278
173tz Tanzania 50921183305
174tw Taiwan 506+37479120
175bi Burundi 473137498
177Faeroe Islands431+141219
179er Eritrea 36430559
181Isle of Man339243123
182Saint Martin3306206118
183mn Mongolia 3113029
184kh Cambodia 2752741
185bt Bhutan 258+6186472
187Cayman Islands20812043
193Antigua and Barbuda96+13921
194British Virgin Islands6914820
195Caribbean Netherlands3611718
196fj Fiji 322264
197Saint Lucia27261
198tl Timor-Leste 27261
201St. Barth23167
202Saint Pierre Miquelon1156
203eh Western Sahara 10181
204MS Zaandam927

Questions & Answers about Coronavirus

These are some of the genereic questions regarding the coronavirus outbreak around the globe.

How many people have the Coronavirus?

There has been 30,984,415 reporterd cases of people carrying the Coronavirus around the world.

How many people have Recovered from the Coronavirus?

There has been 22,583,404 reporterd cases of people recovering from the Coronavirus around the world.

How many people have died from the Coronavirus?

There has been 961,400 reporterd deaths of people with the Coronavirus around the world.

Does the coronavirus spread from person to person?

Unfortunately, it does. This typically happens by means of droplets of bodily fluid that is dispersed into the atmosphere when a an individual sneezes or coughs. Sharing droplets by means of handshakes or sharing a drink where bodily fluids are transfered to somebody can increase the chance of infection. Always try to wash your hands this can can be the most importnant thing you can do in helping you not get infected with the Coronavirus.

What’s the incubation period for the Coronavirus?

An incubation period is the time it takes for the Coronavirus to take ahold of someone and that person to start showing symptoms. With the coronavirus, it usually takes one to 14 days.

Is there a vaccine available for the Coronavirus?

At the moment there is not a vaccine available but scientist are working around the clock to create one the usual turnout is 1.5 to 2 years from start.

Is there a treatment for Coronavirus?

At the moment the best treatment is what you would usually take if you had the flu. Keep a good high intake of fluids and sugars to help fight the virus in the body.

Coronavirus Advice


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